Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar ranges in color from a light brown/tan to a dark, chocolate brown. Lower grades can show light or dark variation in color and striping.

Currently almost all Western Red Cedar comes from the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Western Red Cedar is a very popular tonewood among classical guitar builders due to it's loud, focused bass, bright trebles, and the fact it "opens up" much faster than Spruce does. 

It is a softer, more brittle tonewood than Spruce, as such it is not used as often among steel string builders.

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce is found along the West Coast of the US and Canada from Oregon to Alaska. The best top wood comes from the remaining old growth trees found in Northern BC and Alaska.

Sitka Spruce is a light, strong soundboard wood with a bright, balanced sound. It's durability makes it a very popular choice among steel string guitar builders. Sitka Spruce is generally a creamy white with pink and light brown color variations. 

In lower grades Sitka Spruce can show dark red and brown striping.


Big Leaf  Maple

Bigleaf Maple
grows in the North West US and South Western Canada. It has a light cream/tan color and displays a wider curl than the European or hard maples do. It is also the only maple in which the quilted figure is found. 

Figured Bigleaf Maple can be somewhat difficult to work with, but due to it's heavy figure it remains a very popular tonewood for use on steelstring acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and carved instruments such as violins, mandolins and archtop guitars.